• Why we code.

    We are a small but passionated front- and backend coding team.
    We love smart designs, clean code, smiling users and above all: bringing ideas to life...

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  • What we code.

    We create mobile and web applications using the latest technologies, catchy designs and agile processes.

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mobile development

We specialize in the creation of native iOS and Android applications. We've had them all, from high security business apps over motion capturing sports apps to learning apps for kids. You'll go for cross-platform? We master Xamarin too.

web development

Yes we create websites too. But what we are really passionate about are scalable, secure and globally used web applications.
And of course: dead easy to use.
We know how to do that! Rails is our basement, Javascript adds the magic.

custom development

You have NO idea what all those nerdy words are? Don't worry! We have wide experiences regarding programming languages and platforms...and we love to talk. So talk to us and we will find a solution to tackle your challenges.


The mobile questionnaire

Our client, a global furniture company, is doing different kind of market research since over 20 years to understand their customers needs. One instrument is to visit people at their home and documenting how they are living.
The gathering and analysis was very time consuming and a perfect scenario for a mobile business application with a web-application in the backend.

Our solution is now used world wide and has not only reduced the overall effort, but provides now the possibility to use and share the gathered informations in a global organization.

the mobile questionnaire

statistical insights
Sales team support

A lot of companies are providing tablets for their sales teams, but find it often challenging to reflect their specialized business in standard sales apps.

In one case we have helped a well known sunglasses brand to build a custom shaped tablet solution, together with an easy to use webapplication backend, to optimize their processes. The development costs were significantly under the prices they would have paid for existing solutions.

neoopix proudly presents:
your hairdresser

If we like the concept, idea and people behind it, we bring in our expertise and coding power to create something new.

In this case we are running a joint venture with neoopix GmbH where we are the technical partner.

neoopix provides a digital services suite for hairdressers with websites, mobile apps and social media services. Challenge for the hairdressers is not only the investment into those services, but also to keep their sites updated regarding images, trends and products.

With our custom developed neoopix system we have created a WIN|WIN|WIN-product for the whole industry. We integrate the marketing departments of the hairdressers product partners to provide the latest content and images and update the hairdressers sites automagically. Product partners have control over their brand, hairdressers have awesome websites and apps, and the customers get a great user experience.

neoopix could win significant partners at the hairdresser market, like Schwarzkopf Professional and Paul Mitchell to use the neoopix system.


statistical insights

statistical insights
Professional websites

Take any website builder and you are up an running with your homemade website within minutes. And to be honest: for most people and even some companies, this is all you need!

If your business requires a professional appearance or if your website is even one of your sales channels, you have found your partner.

Together with our partner design agency IMMERWIEDER DESIGN we are shaping stunning experiences for your visitors, made with latest technologies, mobile and SEO-optimized.

Just check out if you like our work:

One of the best german wineries, carefully designed with an integrated webshop, based on Wordpress: Weingut Franzen

Real estate agency with individual design and integrated immonet account: Martin Brandt Immobilien

Marketing site for a great innovation, a white toner for an affordable price: Ghost White Toner

Startup prototypes

Times were you walk into a venture capital company, collecting millions with powerpoint slides, are definitively over. Investors want to get a feeling for the product and be convinced by your technical skills. You will need a working protoype or minimum viable product with a great design.

Talk to us and we are going to materialize your visions. We are also fans of creating things together, sharing the investment and risks or just keeping our rates lower.

We do what we love

If it wasn't for the money we would just sit around all day developing open source software. But nerds we are not.

We love to talk

Communication is the key success factor for almost everything and particularly for software projects. Fortunately, we love to talk.

We love to create

Our work is about creating experiences for other people. To make their daily lifes easier, give them super powers they never had or just to make them smile.

We love to learn

Thousands of pages of cryptic documentation, this is our world, this is where we shine.

We love your challenges

You may hate your challenges, we love them. We love to understand your business, your market, your customers and your needs. And we will find the best solution for you.

we do what we love

"zauber" is the german word for "magic", and this is what we are striving for:
software with a pinch of magic...zauberware

Our company is based in Germany with offices in Prien and Mainz. Our work is done for clients world wide.
We get work done. In time. In budget.

the "zauber" potion

So what are the ingredients of our zauber potion?
We have worked hard to master the best technologies available today. We are not working for our clients, we are working with them. We try to slip into their roles, to understand their problems and ideas. We have found our passion, our way to change your world.

how we work

Every collaboration needs certain rules to be successful. We don't believe in old fashioned development processes. Requirements change during the development, new ideas are born. We are using agile development processes, optimized over hundreds of projects and refined with our gathered experiences.

where we are heading

We have defined our path: we will grow with our projects, our network, befriended companies and clients. We are not willing to sacrifice our standards and quality to short-term profits. We are not willing to follow any investors rules. We deliver good work. We will finance ourselves. We will grow constantly, at our speed, with the right people. If you want to be part of this story...talk to us.