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Blockchain Solutions

Decentralized applications, based on blockchain technology, can already be used today by taking advantage of platforms such as Ethereum or IBM Blockchain. 

Regardless of whether existing processes are to be optimised with regard to time, money and risks, or whether it is a completely new business model.

Blockchain Solutions
Services we offer:
  • Crypto Currency
  • Payment infrastructure
  • Digital Assets
  • Secured identities
  • Verifiable Data
  • Smart Contracts
  • Ethereum
  • IBM Blockchain

The decentralized revolution

Building unstoppable & secure applications

What is this Blockchain Thing?

Blockchain is best known as the the core technology behind the cryptocurrency bitcoin, but is much more than that.

We think of a blockchain as a shared ledger that everyone trusts to be accurate forever.

A ledger is not more than a record of transactions. Sharing a ledger means that no centralised organisations owns the books, but rather all participants share a common set of books. Participants trust each other to keep a record of transactions that all believe are representing the truth. 

At first glance it doesn't look like a revolution, but could actually replace banks, insurance companies, most government institutions, and even media companies.

How can it help me?

Latest developments enable us to provide you services that go beyond the usage of the blockchain technology as a pure cryptocurrency. We are now able to create decentralized applications, with self-executing smart contracts, which could be used to build the next bank, insurance company, Uber or AirBnb.

Every business model where trust and security is a key topic and several end points or users are involved, could be created or replaced by the blockchain technology.