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Content Marketing

Everyone, really everyone, is nowadays trying to run content marketing. Without this kind of marketing nothing seems to be working. But is it simply only the content that matters? And that no one wants to read empty words on a website, a blog or posts is probably clear. And the famous cloud of SEO terms also does not seem to do its job to improve the reach of my perhaps not so valuable content.


Thus, content marketing means that no matter where I leave my marks to run advertising, these traces have to be framed in a way that readers, viewers or listeners stick to it. And that by their own free will, because they consider my marks interesting and entertaining. Every company, regardless of the industry, has to bring value to its target group by getting to know it. Yes, that is a stiff job. But, as countless surveys proof, it leads to a larger target group, new customers are won and kept.


The content that you present to your target group should be short and simple. Eventually, you will find this information when searching for content marketing, which is exactly the challenge. For some, it is easy to read texts and be entertained, for others though the same subject is simply too boring. It is therefore up to us to find a common denominator for which a large part of our target group is interested. To combine professional and everyday topics and to present them interesting for an expert as well as for a newcomer of the same subject. Exactly - you are thinking now: and how should I find that out? The answer is: become personal. Lock yourself up in a small room (of course just fictively) with your customers and those you want to see as your customers in the future, and get to know them. Find out their interests and trends that your target group follows. If your marketing contribution involves your product or service, winkle out all the arguments from your counterpart, and invalidate them in your text before anyone even thinks of not using your product or service.

A great content for me is when I read a text, I get bombarded with questions and stories from my children at the same time, I reply to the little ones, but I still remember the USP of the advertised product.

Now it was dropped, the serious term Unique Selling Point. Books are written about it and studies conducted. It could fill a blog every day with content. Here we only mentioned: analyze the competition, what does it do today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow? What has been the outcome of the conversation in the chamber with your target group? Off you go! Define your one USP!

And now find content around this USP and create your topics for the valuable content of your marketing strategy. Try to inform and fascinate at the same time. And do not forget to conjure a smile on your target group´s face, because that's what we bear in mind – when it entertains us.

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