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Code of Conduct

The zauberware wants to create an inclusive environment for everyone, regardless of ethnicity, religion, skin color, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, parental status, marital status and political belonging as well as gender-specific expression, mental illness, socio-economic status or background. We at zauberware are united by these values and uphold our unique differences.


Our Code of Conduct

We do not publish this code because we fear inappropriate behavior, but because we already appreciate and love the extraordinary respect and values of our team. This is the basis on which we are building our Code of Conduct.

We also see it as our duty to position ourselves against emerging nationalist and xenophobic movements and to take a clear position.

We believe that the mutual articulation of our values and responsibilities gives us a clear direction if there are any deviations in the future. We are all committed to implementing and developing this Code of Conduct as our team and customer base grows.

As we apply these values and the contents of this Code of Conduct to zauberware, we expect our team to apply them to their daily lives outside the company. The Code of Conduct applies in particular to team interaction, including all events hosted by zauberware, chat and video conferences, social media communication, pull request feedback, blog articles, participation in open source projects, communication with our customers and at conferences or events where we represent zauberware.

Expected behavior

All employees of zauberware are expected to be thoughtful and considerate towards others. In this way we contribute to a collaborative, positive and healthy environment in which the team is most successful:

Don't just support your colleagues on demand, be proactive.

Offer your help if you notice that a team member is struggling with a problem or otherwise needs help. Be careful not to be too patronizing or disrespectful. When someone turns to you for help, always be open, listen and try to put yourself in the position of your counterpart. If you don't have time because of a deadline, let the person know and tell them openly when you have time or maybe refer a team member who is just as familiar with the topic.

Be inclusive

Make sure that jokes or memes in the team respect our values and do not discriminate against anyone. We don't like forming cliques or fronts between departments. Avoid slang or idioms that may be misunderstood in other cultures or languages, or explain them deliberately to draw attention to our different cultures and languages. Clearly convey what you want, avoid acronyms and jargon if not everyone can understand in conversation.

Be collaborative

Integrate your team into brainstorms, sketches, code reviews, ideas or new technologies. Share your insights early to get feedback quickly. Don't be frustrated if you've been working on the wrong approach. Don't just ask for feedback, but also give it back to the team. Asking for feedback and giving feedback to others is a natural and important part of our corporate culture. Your feedback should be friendly, respectful, clear, constructive, and focused on goals and values rather than personal preferences. Thank you for the feedback.

Leave the Impostor-Syndrome (believing you don't deserve to be here) and the Dunning-Kruger effect (believing you can't do anything wrong) behind you. Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes and learn daily. Always stay curious, interested, helpful, and celebrate the small personal successes in the team.

Be kind

Be polite and friendly in all forms of communication, especially in the written word, where the possibility of misunderstanding is greater. Avoid sarcasm or explicitly add a #sarcasm hashtag to your statement to avoid misunderstandings. Use Emojis or GIFs to express your feelings, but don't tend to communicate only in pictures, but use them consciously and moderately. Arrange a video call if you feel that a written conversation in chat could lead to misunderstandings.

Be honest

Honesty is especially important to us. Just as the management demands honesty and openness from the team, the management is also honest with its employees. Discussions about finances and salaries should not be a problem for anyone. As people, we tend to invent little lies because we have a bad feeling when we speak the truth. But actually these topics are the most important for successful cohesion and the best results.

Unacceptable behaviour

We at zauberware want to create a welcoming and friendly corporate culture for everyone. Discrimination and harassment are expressly prohibited. In addition, any behaviour or language that is exclusive or harassing is strongly rejected.

Especially in the tech scene there exist behavior we don't like to see and that we would like to change:

Don't be surprised if a team member is not yet familiar with a topic.

We believe in the spirit of a beginner and in the fact that one constantly wants to learn something new. It is absolutely okay to say "I don't know" or "I don't understand". The phrase "there are no stupid questions" is lived 100% by us, because that is the only way we learn. So please don't be surprised if someone is not familiar with a tool, a person or a process.

No "know-it-all" statements:

When someone says something that is almost, but not entirely correct, one tends to add a correction to what has been said before. We should always strive to save the face of others and uphold our values. In most cases, these "know-it-all" statements are not decisive for the overall conversation and are not goal-oriented, but rather annoying and a waste of time. If it is important in your eyes, then use a language that leaves others with the impression that you might be wrong or missed something important out of context and therefore take a different view now.

No exclusive language

Be careful in your choice of words, no matter how banal it sounds. No, they are not only "great guys" at work, they are "great people" (including all  as well). Sexist, racist, rejecting and excluding jokes are not appropriate and will not be tolerated in the team. Any kind of verbal harassment or bullying is just as strongly rejected.

No subtle comments:

Exclusive behavior is often characterized by subtle comments. To say, "It's so easy that my daughter can do it" is a discriminating statement. Regardless of the intention of this statement, they have a very humiliating effect on other team members.

If you notice something like this in someone, then you should point it out to the person publicly or privately. If you can't because you may be too involved, ask your team leader or management to say something.

If someone comes up to you with this topic and you don't see what might be biased about a comment or statement, don't answer: "That wasn't sexist at all", "He or she certainly didn't mean it that way" or "Oh, I don't find it that bad, don't be so sensitive". You'd better go to your team leader or management and consult them together if you're unsure of yourself.

Likewise, you shouldn't immediately jump at someone who has made a mistake. A sentence has slipped out of all of us at some point that one would never have liked to have said. We all make mistakes. Take the matter seriously and apologize. Be just as open to accepting the excuse and be willing to forgive others their mistakes and accept an apology. We are all not perfect.

Report a problem

The worst thing that can happen is someone keeps quiet when there are problems. There are a number of things that you can do to resolve conflicts and problems as best you can: 

  1. Contact the management directly, because we take incidents regarding the topics mentioned very seriously. We are always there for you to discuss any problem and together we will find out what steps we need to take next to solve the problem. In any case, we will do everything in our power to keep in extensive consultation with all those who report a problem and to maintain confidentiality.
  2. Talk to your team lead, because as a team lead you know best about the dynamics of the team. He or she is the best contact to ask for advice. Together you will find out how to resolve the conflict and how to avoid being further affected in your work. 
  3. Speak it out directly. Minor incidents should be addressed directly. Take your time and talk to the affected team member privately in a video call. Use this approach only if you feel comfortable. If you are unsure how to conduct such a conversation, contact the management and you will receive advice on how to conduct the conversation. 

Care for each other

You notice something that looks like it doesn't match our values? Even if an incident seems so small or you are not directly affected, please take the time to discuss it with your team lead or management. We will discuss the problem or conflict and find a solution together.

Nobody is perfect

All of us will not be able to meet our high standards at all times. It is not our aim to rank good or bad behaviour, but rather to stand by the mistakes we have made and to commit ourselves to clear and consistent improvement.

If you have behaved incorrectly and the team or a team member is addressing you, then avoid taking a defensive position. Consider the courage it took to talk to you about your misconduct. The best way to show respect for this courage and the person behind it is to acknowledge the mistake, apologize and look forward together.

Thank you

I would like to thank all companies and organizations that have committed themselves to these or almost identical values and have served as inspiration for our Code of Conduct. Thank you to the team that has fully supported and helped shape this paper. Feel free to use, apply and publish this Code of Conduct for yourself.

Illustration created by pikisuperstar - www.freepik.com




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