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NEW WORK - A new working concept

The term New Work is intended to describe a new way of working with regard to social changes in the global and digital age. The research of the social philosopher Frithjof Bergmann coined this term under the assumption that the previous work system was outdated.


We are changing from an industrial to a knowledge society and the current world of work is forced to adapt to a freer and more flexible way of working.

The central values of the concept are autonomy, freedom and participation in the community. It should create freedom to promote creativity and individual development of one's own personality and thus contribute something important and essential to society or community.

What New Work shouldn't be about are beautiful foosball tables and other diversions that make the team forget what unpleasant work it has to do. Frithjof Bergmann said in an interview about an appearance in front of executives at a New Work conference of the Xing social network:

"I am concerned with fundamental things, with the fact that people do not exhaust themselves in wage labour, to which they have no inner reference, and at the end of their lives find out that they have not lived properly at all. But there has been a lot of talk about leadership techniques and organizational issues, about how companies can domesticate and exploit their employees even more cleverly."

We cannot change an entire society and its mindset - but together we can ensure that the selection of our projects, the internal and external forms of communication, as well as the opportunities we develop, not only does not create a feeling of meaningless paid work, but that personal goals can also be achieved.

New Work - Ein neues Arbeitskonzept

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New Work at zauberware

At zauberware, we not only live by these values, but also try to communicate them to the outside world.

Personal Goals

Each person has strengths that they would like to build on in their professional career. Through  performance and learning goals, we try to get the best out of our own personal development and that of the team. If a technology is new territory, then the appropriate time is given for the familiarization and for the completely individual personal development one training day is available to each team member in the month.

Flexible working hours

Each team member is free to divide his or her own working hours freely. There are certain mandatory appointments, such as internal meetings or agreed jour-fixes with customers, which have to be attended to, and any absence must first be clarified with the team lead.

Around these fixed appointments it is possible to decide at which times one prefers to work.

It has proven to be very helpful that the team knows when the core working hours of the colleagues are.

Important: Weekends are not working hours!

Remote work

For the whole team there is always a workplace in our office with mountain view in Prien am Chiemsee available. Own desk, screen, keyboard and free drinks. Since all our processes are organized completely remote (location-independent), the stay in the office is not necessary.

Each team member is free to choose the place of work. Naturally, we take our general conditions and security standards into account. In addition, stays in other time zones +-4h must be clarified with the team lead in advance.

50% or 75% Contract

Not everyone is able to accept a full-time position. With a half or three-quarter position there is enough time for your own creative or personal projects.

A change from a full-time position to a half or three-quarter position should be clarified early (at least 3 months in advance) with the team lead.


We trust in the competencies within a team, rely on flat hierarchical levels and thus promote fast decision-making processes. In this way, the team remains agile and independent and can develop the best product together with the customer.

Become a teacher

Especially in software development, knowledge transfer itself is an important step in personal development. Only those who can explain it themselves have understood it correctly. Become a master!

The constant exchange among each other and short coffee talks on a new topic not only help the team to build up knowledge. It also helps us to get deeper into topics than one might otherwise have done.

We encourage A blog post, a lecture at a Meet-Up or a conference are promoted with us and the preparation for it can be integrated into the working time.

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