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Social Media - The myth of posting at the right time

There are a number of studies on the question of when it is the right time to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks. If these networks are used as advertising portals and you don’t want that your own post goes down, then you will of course deal with this question.


If we would compare all these studies here – don’t worry, we won’t - there is no right time to post. The recommendations range from Thursdays to Fridays between 1 pm and 2 pm, but also on Thursdays only, from 8 pm onward, or even at times when hardly any user is online.

These studies sound logical and can be helpful for certain questions. But we do not believe in the one and only right time to post. This time appears to depend on very individual parameters. These include, but are not limited to, the following questions. In which industry is your business? Where and how does most of your followers live and when are they online? Do you advertise your posts?

Whenever you post on Facebook, you fight against at least 1500 other posts that are currently being fed. If you are one of the users who adhere to the latest study and follow the advice to post on Fridays at 4 pm, remind the other readers of this study who will also like to the test this time. Now the question arises, whose opinion do you want to rely on? Our advice: it’s best to rely on your own opinion.

What does your own data say?

When it comes to marketing strategy, it is best to look at your own data. Facebook has a lot of data for us. As a page owner or administrator, you can view all relevant data and get a very good picture of your users. Each content can be evaluated based on this information. Look at the topics which have been well received and try to correlate the time of publication.

See the statistics on your Facebook page. Here you will find a variety of data. Among other things, when the followers of your site are online. To do this, select "Posts". Here, the data is broken down very transparently.

Do not follow a fixed scheme

Be creative. Just because a post has been well received, it does not mean that the next time at the same time it will be received as well again. Link the publication of content with relevant events. For example, if you are active in the sports industry and you expect a report on a certain kind of sports, athlete or similar on TV or any other medium, schedule your post exactly for the same time. If you are about to launch a new product, post after the announcement.

Which network fits you?

Recently, a survey among 20-year-olds in Germany was conducted including the question of which social network they used most frequently. Facebook did not perform very well. In this age group, Facebook was rather perceived as a news portal, that is used less and less for social interaction. This points out again that, being a marketing expert, you should spend most of the time with following up the character of your target group. Find out who your customers are, what habits and preferences they have. And then decide which social network they choose.

Be flexible and attentive

In addition to the general characteristics of your target group, you should also pay attention to the age and social factors. During an important soccer game you will reach less male but many female followers. Consider this.

The content is paramount

You have now received lots of useful tips to successfully use social networks. A very important point is still missing. Choose relevant and valuable content for your posts. Without a valuable statement, without the appropriate storytelling, the posts, even if the time is cleverly chosen, will not be successful. Because no one likes them. We at Zauberware do not stick to the golden rule of so many social media experts who say to post three times a week at fixed times, etc. It is better to post once a week a post with content that succeeds for sure, than 3 posts that are not worth to be read.

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